Tachyon Systems’ Tachy to Strengthen Human Intelligence in Software Development Process

Awarded as the start-up of the year 2019 by Startcom.com, Sydney in the Asia Pacific region, Tachyon Systems Pty Ltd is a technology research entity based in Melbourne.

The Company is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, Tachyon or Tachy to strengthen human intelligence in every stage of a Software development life cycle, thus creating enterprise-grade applications in few hours rather than spending months, weeks or years.

Brain Behind Tachyon

Mr Shanmuga, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tachyon Systems Pty Ltd, is the brain behind Tachyon, which he created after identifying the need for such platform in his everyday tasks as an architect. He is an experienced and highly skilled product architect, holding an extensive experience of more than 16 years in software design and development.

He has an experience across several domains, including Enterprise Content Management, Healthcare, In-Car Navigation, Shared Economy, Energy, Financial & Education and Retail. Graduated from Government College of Technology (Coimbatore, India) in Electronics Engineering, he holds a US patent.

He has previously worked with Dell-EMC, Telstra, Siemens-Healthcare, Capgemini and Siemens-Energy.

Working of Tachy Platform

Tachy is a hyper-intelligent kind of AI technology, which can understand your natural language or even hand-drawn diagrams, be it sequence diagrams, activity diagrams or high-level block diagrams. With the help of a knowledge base of existing applications and through a series of complex algorithms.

Tachy can analyse your business requirements, its pain points and end-user needs. Subsequently, Tachy can automatically generate the functional requirements of the business and map these system requirements. From there, Tachy can develop a scalable, reliable and secure enterprise grade application from front-end to the backend in your preferred choice of technology, which can be deployed on any cloud or on-premises in real time.

Besides, Tachy also analyse and monitor your applications to ensure its disaster-ready and performing at industry best, saving your money, time and resources.

Know More About Tachyon Platform

Tachyon Platform leverages computer vision, natural language processing and other AI capabilities into the process of software development to save valuable time, increase productivity and to assist in maintaining focus on potential problems as opposed to reinventing the wheel.

The applications developed under this platform have enterprise-grade quality, that guarantees extensibility, observability, reliability, scalability, availability, high security and testability, with region specific compliance and industry best practices applied.

The developed applications are a runtime platform agnostic, a deployment platform agnostic and a programming language agnostic.

Tachyon’s Potential Recognised by Industry Leaders

Industry leaders like Google, Amazon and IBM have recognied Tachyon’s business potential and its concept. Each of them has also funded the value of at least USD 100k credits per year to Tachyon, to a massive total of USD 320k cloud credits at the ideation stage only.

As per Tachyon Systems, this technology funding was obtained via their individual start-up accelerator programs and is the basis for its technical build. Currently self-funded, Tachyon is seeking for funding to lessen its time-to-market.

Currently in the alpha phase of building the system and progressing well in terms of development, Tachyon has considerable potential to substantially change the architecture design, deployment, requirement gathering and application development. Besides, its huge potential to accelerate the time-to-market for enterprise systems is certainly appreciable.





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