What glued investors in the TasFoods & Silex Systems’ presentation?


  • Investor Presentation lends an overview of the various activities and developments taking place at a company.
  • TasFoods secured several operational synergies over 5 years to 2020 to step up production and distribution facility.
  • The company is in its nascent stage in the pursuit of developing additional commercial applications for its SILEX technology

Investor presentation lends an overview of the various activities and developments taking place at a company. It also gives an insight into the current as well as future prospects of the company.

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Today, we have articulated the key highlights of the investor presentations released by TasFoods Limited (ASX:TFL) and Silex Systems Limited (ASX:SLX), to help investors better understand the current position of the two firms.

TasFoods’ experiencing skyward growth trajectory
Driven by the vision to become Australia’s leading source of Tasmanian food and beverage products, TasFoods puts forward a hand-selected range of Tasmanian brands for the food lovers across its well established markets in Tasmania. The company aims wider expansion of sales by acquisition and integration of scalable food businesses.

Over the period of five years to FY2020, TasFoods saw an impressive hike in its dairy revenue to AU$29.5 million from AU$2.0 million. Also, due to successful organic growth by means of strategic investment in growing capacity, returns from poultry increased from AU$13.8 million to AU$37.0 million during the same period.

TasFoods’ major acquisitions in five years to 2020
In order to step up production and distribution, TasFoods has been able to secure operational synergies due to continuous growth and acquisition. The company acquired Meander Valley Dairy in September 2015, while Nichols Poultry, a key player in the industry for quality, sustainability, and animal welfare, was acquired by TasFoods in June 2016.

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In October 2017, TasFoods completed acquisition of Pyengana Dairy, producer of Australia’s finest artisan farmhouse cheeses. Also, Tasmania’s leading milk brand, Betta Milk was acquired by TasFoods in July 2019.

The TFL share price closed at AU$0.115 on 28 July 2021.

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Silex’s investor presentation highlights its expansion
Silex Systems, a research and development company, having a market capitalisation of AU$169 million. The company is on a quest to commercialise its unique SILEX laser enrichment technology for application in Uranium production and enrichment for nuclear fuel, Silicon enrichment as well as other potential markets. Below are the details of the developments at the firm as listed in its latest release. 

Major ventures in progress
The company has joined hands with the US based Global Laser Enrichment LLC (GLE) for the development of its SILEX Technology for uranium enrichment., providing GLE with an exclusive license.

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The company is in its nascent stage in the pursuit of developing additional commercial applications for its SILEX technology. One application, the company is currently working on is its use in the production of ‘Zero-Spin Silicon’ for the emerging technology of silicon-based quantum computing.

Additionally, the company also has an interest in ‘cREO®, which is a unique semiconductor technology, developed by Translucent.

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Promising opportunities on the cards for SILEX

  • GLE, which is the joint venture between Silex (51% interest) and Cameco (49% interest) to demonstrate SILEX uranium enrichment technology at pilot commercial scale by the mid 2020’s.
  • GLE’s path to market focused on the Paducah opportunity - a large, low-cost uranium production project with additional potential for uranium enrichment to produce LEU and HALEU nuclear fuels.
  • Long-term fundamentals for global growth in nuclear power remain very positive.
  • SILEX silicon enrichment technology being developed to produce Zero-Spin Silicon (ZS-Si) in line with global efforts to commercialise silicon quantum computing.
  • Silex is assessing several other applications of the SILEX technology, potentially in the fields of medical radioisotopes.

The SLX share price closed at AU$0.97 on 28 July 2021.

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