BetaShares to launch Electric vehicle ETF ‘DRIV’ on ASX

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BetaShares to launch Electric vehicle ETF ‘DRIV’ on ASX

 BetaShares to launch Electric vehicle ETF ‘DRIV’ on ASX
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  • BetaShares is all set to launch its Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF ‘DRIV’ on the ASX soon.
  • It will invest in up to 50 companies including Tesla, Uber, Nio and Aptiv.
  • BetaShares Future of Payments ETF ‘IPAY’ and Video Games and Esports ETF ‘GAME’ are also on the cards.

Here’s a piece of good news for those who have been all charged up about the quietly brewing EV (electric vehicles) revolution and are raring to diversify their portfolio by investing in this sector. ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) provider BetaShares is planning to launch a new ETF on the ASX, with an underlying theme of electric vehicles. Looking to capitalise on the huge trend of electric vehicles, BetaShares is all set to launch its new offering on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) before the end of the year.

BetaShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF will be listed by the ticker name ‘DRIV’. This ETF will invest in up to 50 global companies that are innovating automotive technologies including big names like the largest automaker in the world, Tesla, and cab-hailing aggregator Uber.

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One of the companies DRIV will invest in is – Nio, a Chinese automobile company focusing purely on high-performance electric vehicles. Headquartered in Ireland, Aptiv PLC would also be included in DRIV fund. It is an auto parts manufacturer, which developes safer and greener technology solutions for automobiles.

Highlighting the significance of the new ETF, BetaShares on its website informs, “DRIV offers potential portfolio diversification benefits to Australian investors, given that the automotive technology is under-represented in the Australian market. Sales of electric vehicles are projected to grow strongly in coming years, while the transition to smarter vehicles is likely to significantly increase the use of semi-conductors and high-tech componentry in cars”.

Over the next few years, the automotive industry, especially the players directly or indirectly involved in powering electric vehicles, would provide a massive investment opportunity to investors across the globe. With the incorporation of DRIV on the Australian bourse, Aussies will now get a level playing field to participate in the global EV revolution.    

DRIV ETF is among many other thematic funds, BetaShares is planning to launch soon in the Australian market. BetaShares Future of Payments ETF, by the ticker name of ‘IPAY’ is also on the cards to be launched soon. IPAY would give access to investment in global digital and mobile payments solution providers.

BetaShares says that Australian investors have a very limited scope of investing in digital payments companies, given that “digital payment companies account for a relatively small share of the Australian market”. Its IPAY ETF can help investors amp up their portfolio diversification by providing access to global players.

BetaShares Video Games and Esports ETF ‘GAME’ is another highly anticipated ETF from the Australian fund manager. It will help investors to capitalise on the world’s leading video games and esports companies such as Electronic Arts, Nintendo Capcom, etc.

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