10 Most Talked About Stocks: MSB, BIT, HCT, FBR, Z1P, APT, WEB, IGN, ICU, NWL


  • Several companies, post the June quarter, started releasing their updates which have brought them under the limelight.
  • Mesoblast Limited updated that an expanded access protocol was started in the US for the compassionate use of remestemcel-L to treat COVID-19 infected children with cardiovascular and other complications.
  • Zip shares reached near their 52-week high price as the Company reported strong revenues for May 2020.
  • Afterpay was under the limelight because of the recent A$650 million placement. Also, its co-founders recently sold 2.05 million shares each at the placement price of A$66.

Post the ease in the lockdown restrictions many companies started coming up with updates which have brought them under discussion. These announcements have gained the interest of market participants and influenced their share price. In this article, we would talk about ten stocks which are have been talked about recently and see their latest updates along with the stock performance.

Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB)

Mesoblast Limited is a biotechnology company engaged in adult stem cell technology.

On 6 July 2020, the Company announced that an expanded access protocol had been started in the US for compassionate use of its allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell product candidate remestemcel-L in the treatment of coronavirus infected children with cardiovascular and other complications of the multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

The patients in the age group 2 months - 17 years might receive one or two doses of remestemcel-L within five days of referral under the expanded access protocol.

The protocol has been filed with FDA & would give physicians entry to remestemcel-L for an intermediate-size patient under MSB’s present Investigational New Drug application.

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Biotron Limited (ASX:BIT)

Biotron Limited is an ASX-listed clinical-stage biotechnology company.

On 6 July 2020, the Company’s directors announced that BIT is presenting new data on its lead HIV-1 drug, BIT225 at the 23rd International AIDS Conference. The data shows that through its inhibition of the HIV-1 viral protein Vpu, BIT225 boosts the immune response to HIV.

Earlier, Biotron reported that its BIT225-009 Phase 2 HIV-1 clinical trial is safe and tolerable and the anticipated viral suppression in those treated using the standard anti-HIV drugs or using ART along with BIT225. Statistically, BIT225 group showed substantial changes in key immune cell populations.

Holista Colltech (ASX:HCT)

Bio-industrial firm Holista Colltech is engaged in the development and marketing of food materials and ovine collagen for biomedical and cosmetic usage.

Holista provided an update on the sales and distribution agreement for Natshield™ Sanitiser. Concerning the previous announcements related to Natshield™ Sanitiser developed and marketed by Holista, the Company has undertaken additional testing activities. Holista, along with GICC LCC has started tests at Microbac Laboratories and the Centre for Disease Control laboratory in Virginia, the USA for the effectiveness of Path-Away® against COVID-19.

Distribution Agreements:

The Company announced that it had taken an exception from the Australian Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration to sell sanitiser under the cosmetic category in Australia.

FBR Limited (ASX:FBR)

FBR Limited is a robotics company engaged in the development and commercialisation of digital construction solutions.

On 13 July 2020, FBR announced the completion of the structural walls of its first display home in Dayton, WA on 11 July using Hadrian X®. The world’s first mobile autonomous bricklaying robot, Hadrian X® took three and a half days to finish the structure.

FBR Limited was under discussion because of the recent change in its share price (from A$0.042 to A$0.095 on 3 July 2020). Earlier, on 2 July 2020, the Company had announced that it had entered a deal with Archistruct Builders & Designers to supply blocklaying services for the construction of a display home in Western Australia. FBR would purchase the display home.

Post the completion of the display home the Company would open the home to the public & existing and prospective collaborators, suppliers as well as clients from international markets to show and promote the usage of the Hadrian X® in residential home creation.

Zip Co Limited (ASX:Z1P)

Zip Co Limited is a top player in the digital retail finance and payments industry.

It has recently been under for discussion because of two reasons. The first was that the shares reached close its 52-week high price on 10 June 2020. The second reason was the trading update for May 2020.

The Company, during the month, reported a 78% growth in revenue to A$15.6 million as compared to the previous corresponding period.

Image Source: ZIP's report

Afterpay Limited (ASX:APT)

Afterpay Limited is amongst the pioneers in the BNPL space.

On 8 July 2020, Afterpay successfully raised A$650 million placement. The placement was well supported by the existing and new shareholders of the Company. Each share under the placement was issued at A$66. APT also updated its intention to raise another A$150 million via the share purchase plan.

The proceeds via capital raising would be used to accelerate investment in growing underlying sales and concentrate on global expansion in the short-term to maximise shareholder value in the longer term.

The Company provided a trading update for Q4 ended 30 June 2020. APT reported strong performance across the business with underlying sales of A$11.1 billion in FY2020. Underlying sales were up 112% on pcp.

Image Source: APT

Image Source: APT's report

Also, APT was under the spotlight when its co-founders Anthony Eisen and Nicholas Molnar sold 2.05 million shares each at the placement price of A$66.

Webjet Limited (ASX:WEB)

Webjet Limited provides a complete range of online travel booking service for flights, hotels, car hire, cruises, tours.

On 10 July 2020, Webjet Limited successfully settled the issue of €100 million of convertible notes. Now, the convertible notes would be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 13 July 2020.

The net proceeds are projected to be ~€98 (approximately A$160) million after deducting commissions, professional fees, and other administrative expenses. These would be used to pay A$50 million of its present term debt and extending the remaining term debt to late 2022 along with the potential acquisitions and ongoing capital management.

Ignite Limited (ASX:IGN)

Ignite Limited is a staffing and recruitment firm which offer Specialist Recruitment, On-Demand IT Services & People Services.

Ignite Limited was under discussion when its share price skyrocketed on ASX by ~47%. The Company received an email from ASX to answer questions related to the increase in the share price on 10 July 2020. The highest recorded price for the day was A$0.036.

iSentric Limited (ASX:ICU)

iSentric Limited started as a mobile messaging solution provider and has expanded into new verticals, regional presence, and partnership. It is now amongst the trusted names in the financial technology industry.

iSentric made two announcements that brought it under the spotlight:

  • Changes made to the board and the appointment of a new company secretary.
  • A commitment to A$1.5 million from institutional investors. The shares were proposed to be issued at A$.0.0158 per share.

Changes to the board:

  • ICU, on 8 July 2020, announced the appointment of Mr Andrew Bristow as a Non-Executive Director, who is a corporate lawyer with 35 years’ experience.
  • After the resignation of the existing Chairman, the present Executive Director Mr Lee Chin Wee has been appointed as interim Chairman.
  • Mr Jarrod White has been appointed as Company Secretary after the resignation of Mr Gary Stewart from the position.

Netwealth Group Limited (ASX:NWL)

Netwealth Group offers superannuation and non-superannuation platform products to support financial intermediaries and customers.

On 9 July 2020 Netwealth Group provided June 2020 quarterly business update for the period ended 30 June 2020.

  • Funds Under Administration (FUA) at 30 June 2020 was A$31.5 billion. It represents a growth of A$8.2 billion for FY2020 post the negative market movement of A$0.9 billion for the year.
  • Noted record FUA net inflow of A$9.1 billion for FY2020.

Image Source: NWL's report

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