Why do some people steer clear of COVID-19?

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  • Gene studies from COVID-19-resistant individuals can help scientists formulate drugs against coronavirus.
  • Some people have specific variants of ACE2 receptor, which provides them protection against this virus.
  • Some people might have mutations in their genes that stop the virus from replicating inside their body.

What if you had the superpower of remaining unfazed in the face of COVID-19? It would definitely be tempting not having to worry about the ominous repercussions that befall those who contract the monster virus. In fact, you might have come across few people who have innate immunity against the coronavirus.

Researchers are now curious about why some people develop no symptoms and stay healthy even after being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. There have been numerous instances where the whole family gets infected by COVID-19, except one member. Scientists are now looking for people who have genetic resistance against the notorious virus.

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Gene studies and identification from resistant individuals can turn out to be a significant milestone in the medical field, leading to the development of virus-blocking drugs.

Why Do Some People Steer Clear Of COVID-19?

The science behind COVID-19 resistance

Recent research findings have highlighted that memory T cells play an essential role in conferring resistance to COVID-19. These T cells are possibly produced after exposure to coronaviruses that cause the common cold.

Research studies have indicated that some people have specific variants of ACE2 receptor, which provides them protection against the coronavirus. ACE2 is a receptor that the SARS-CoV-2 virus uses to enter cells. This type of process has earlier been observed with HIV, the causative virus of AIDS.

Another cause can be that some people might possess a robust immune system, especially in the cells in the inside lining of their noses. Some might have mutations in their genes that stop the virus from replication inside their body.

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Researchers, however, stress that no one should rely upon this resistance, and the best way to get protection against the virus is to be fully vaccinated, including booster doses.

Vaccination has been a silver lining in the fight against the pandemic. COVID-19 vaccines help in building better immunity against different variants. Moreover, the vaccine shields you from getting severely affected by the coronavirus.

Bottom Line

Governments are making every effort to fight the pandemic and save lives and livelihoods. There is still no clarity when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. Understanding why some people get severely infected while others can evade the virus can help us defend against the virus in the future. Meanwhile, it is imperative to move ahead with the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

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