Why These 5 NZX Stocks Are Making Waves - TWR, SCT, PHL, ARV, MWE? | NZ Market Update

With several stocks suffering immense pressure over the course of the past year, all eyes are set on how they are performing now and what kind of recovery is being made in the economy of the country due to the same. Let us have a look at some stocks that are making the waves.

• Tower Limited exhibited strong market performance over the year 2020.

• Scott Technology Limited CEO reveals strong Company performance despite COVID-19. Will these healthcare companies continue to pay dividends and attract investors? In the healthcare space, there are many companies that are paying dividends. Let us look at the companies that generally pay dividends and have a good dividend-paying history.

• Arvida Group (NZX:ARV) has a rich-dividend-paying history. It recorded its last dividend of 1.200 cps on December 1 and paid it on December 10, 2020.

• Oceania Healthcare Ltd (NZX:OCA) dividend yield was 1.689%

• EBOS Group Limited (NZX: EBOS) gross dividend yield was 3.037% for the year 2020. 6 NZX Stocks Buzzing With Interim Results- PGW, MCY, SUM, AFI, SKT, TLL Let us have a look at some NZX-listed stocks that have declared their interim reports on 23 February 2021.

• Interim Results are of prime importance as they reflect the monetary health of a company.



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