Which are 2 well-known technology stocks listed on NZX?

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Which are 2 well-known technology stocks listed on NZX?

*Tech stocks are often the prime indicator of the advancement of the economy and the country’s stock market, and they have the potential to provide impressive gains in the long run.

*First is Plexure Group. Functioning as a mobile engagement company, Plexure Group has recently announced the settlement of the acquisition of TASK, i.e., Task Retail. With this takeover, Plexure’s client base would broaden and would get benefitted from the combined synergies of the two companies.

*AI-powered end-to-end travel itineraries, cost control, and travel policy compliance to corporate customers. Whereas Zeno Expense allows businesses to automate and streamline their expense administration function, identify out-of-policy expense claims


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