Which 5 NZX Penny Stocks are Trading for less than $1 For May ?

Penny stocks are small-cap companies and are usually ideal for risk-taking investors. They can be either a hit or a miss for investors as the issuer companies of penny stocks can either grow into a big firm and result in higher returns or they could tank in initial years and incur big losses. Geo declared that its Non-Executive Chairman and major shareholder Roger Sharp wants to retire as the Chairman on or before the Company’s AGM due in November 2021. Mr Sharp aims to look for a re-election as a Non-Executive Director at the AGM.

RAK continues to witness a rise in demand for its products from the telecom sector, especially after the 5G boom across the country.

Samrtpay provided a Q4 trading update with the Australian acquiring revenue reflecting a robust growth of 97% YOY for the March quarter. Also, the Australian acquiring margin has also been witnessing a rise.



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