Stats NZ Data Suggests fall in Job Numbers in July | NZ Market Update

Stats NZ has announced that filled jobs plunged by 7,418 in July in comparison with June 2020, and stood at 2.2 million, majorly demonstrating seasonal rather than COVID-19 effects. The decline was followed by a surge in May and June amid lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, and filled jobs were around 30,000 lower in July than they were in March 2020. In July 2020, filled Jobs in administrative and support services (including fruit packing and employment placement services) declined by 5,907. During March to July 2020, filled jobs in government and health-related industries soared by 5,405 jobs; and retail, accommodation, and food services noted a fall of 4,762.

The Auckland Council has acknowledged the challenges faced by the hospitality sector and announced some measures to support them, which includes: Allowing more space for physical distancing by using the area immediately outside their shopfront. The Council shall fast-track new food-only outdoor dining license applications. The Council shall extend the expiry date for existing and new food-only licences for the period Auckland is at these alert levels. Businesses need to ensure spaces are safe for pedestrians.

NorthWest Healthcare Management Properties Limited, the Manager of Vital Healthcare Property Trust (NZX:VHP) has confirmed that 2,565,076 units in the company were issued to it pursuant to the incentive fee arrangements under the company’s Trust Deed. The Trust Deed offers that the Manager is given an incentive fee, which it must instantly use to subscribe to the company units, each financial year based on increases in the company’s net tangible assets.

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