PAL Shareholders Persist In Keeping The Airline Buoyant. | Kalkine Market Update NZ |

Phillipine Airlines (PAL) has stated that it is continuing to get funding from its shareholders to keep the company buoyant amid mounting losses due to COVID-19. Early this year, PAL obtained an additional contribution of P6.27 billion from Lucio Tan's Buona Sorte Holdings Inc. (BSHI) for the potential stock subscriptions. This takes the overall injection of BSHI to PAL to P17.68 billion from 2019 until end-June, based on the first half financial report of PAL Holdings.

* Google Cloud Launches New Serverless Data Migration Service Google Cloud has unveiled its latest serverless Database Migration Service (DMS) as part of its quest to address the modern needs and make it simpler for the enterprise customers to move the production database to the cloud. DMS offers a quick and smooth conversion to Cloud SQL, a completely managed database provider for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server.

* CAV Terminates Contract for Sale of Auckland Property Cavalier Bremworth Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Cavalier Corporation Limited (NZX:CAV) has ended its agreement with Kinleith Land and Infrastructure Limited as it failed to pay deposit under the contract.



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