How is NZ market behaving amid another lockdown in Auckland ? | NZ Market Updates

Problems galore for Kiwis during Auckland’s COVID-19 lockdown

• Auckland was put under another lockdown, prompted by a coronavirus case who has been infectious for a week but did not go in quarantine.

• Auckland power outage postponed by Vector Limited but the Company would continue working where there has been urgency.

US Stocks Continue To Fall On Fed Policy Worries, Bond Yields

• S&P 500 dropped 1.31%, Dow Jones shed 0.39%, and NASDAQ plunged 2.70%.

• Treasury bond sell-offs spike market volatility, trigger inflation worries.

• The 10-year US Treasury bond yield surged 3.67% to 1.467.

Future of Bitcoin in Question As China, India Counter Crypto Wave Tightening the noose on cryptocurrencies, China banned the mining of blockchain-based currency in Inner Mongolia. The world’s second largest economy also announced the closure of all crypto operations by next month as it preps to take stringent actions to eliminate the massive energy-consuming mining activity.



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