How are NZX fishing stocks faring?

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How are NZX fishing stocks faring?

New Zealand’s fisheries provide a significant source of food for cultural, recreational, and commercial purposes – and this value is carried over to the share market.

Let's look at how these 2 NZX-listed fishing stocks are faring.

*Sanford is an inshore and deepwater fisheries managing company. It is involved in the farming, harvesting, processing, and selling of seafood. Sanford was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic early due to its impact on the global food services and supply chain.

*New Zealand King Salmon is the biggest aquaculture producer of the premium King salmon species. The Group announced its financial results for the 6 months ended 31 July 2021.

*Keep in mind that the fishing and aquaculture industry is expected to widen its scope in the next 5 years with export demand likely to recover over the period once COVID-19 subsides


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