FMA Issues New Investor Guide To Bonds Amid Continuing Market Volatility | NZ Market Update

The bonds are the overlooked asset where only 6 percent of Kiwis invest in. Now, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has released a new investor guide to bonds that is expected to aid new investors to know more about bonds. Bonds are loans for a fixed period from investors to governments and companies and not known for high returns. However, they are crucial for any portfolio, including KiwiSaver. The guide comes at a time when Kiwis are taking more interest in their finances amid Covid-19 and low-interest rates.

As per the latest Retail NZ Retail Radar report, the retailer confidence decreased substantially due to the Level 3 lockdown in Auckland during August. 13 percent of retailers say that they are not confident their businesses will survive; About 23 percent are on a knife-edge, saying it could go either way; Retailer confidence had substantially increased through June and July but took a beating through August.

As per the Stats NZ, in June 2020 quarter, the spending by overseas visitors and students declined by fifty percent to NZD 1.8 billion compared with the same period in the previous year. The pandemic environment drastically affected the travel services spending that includes - visitor spending on travel, food, and hotels.



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