Which are 4 NZX penny stocks to explore ahead of 2022?

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Which are 4 NZX penny stocks to explore ahead of 2022?

Penny stocks
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  • Penny stocks often outperform their peers and give handsome returns to their investors when chosen wisely.
  • Savor published its interim results, highlighting its solid performance owing to the acquisition of three Hip group venues.
  • Rua Bioscience granted Callaghan Innovation Funding to strengthen its transformative research.

Investing in penny stocks tend to be lucrative for small traders and new entrants to stock markets, for these stocks are cheaply priced and do not burn a hole in pockets.

Moreover, these nano-stocks often evolve into high return stocks over a period of time, thus rewarding their investors.

That said, let us skim through the NZX penny stocks which ended the day’s session in green.

NZX penny stocks- NTL, SVR, RUA, RAD

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New Talisman Gold Mines Limited (NZX:NTL)

New Talisman Gold Mines Limited has recently appointed Ms Samantha Sharif and Mr Michael Stiassny as its independent directors.

Meanwhile, Mr Calum McKenzie, who was on the Board on a temporary basis, has now resigned from the said position.

Which are 4 NZX penny stocks to explore ahead of 2022?

On 24 November, at the time of writing, New Talisman Gold Mines was flat at NZ$0.003.

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Savor Limited (NZX:SVR)

Savor Limited has recently released its half-year results ended 30 September 2021, reporting an impressive performance that exceeded expectations.

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Owing to the acquisition of three Hip Group venues, the group revenue jumped to NZ$17.2 million.

Also, its operating earnings for the said period were recorded at NZ$2.1 million.

SVR took over a centralised distribution centre in June 2021. Further, it acquired Oji Sushi, which offers an affordable premium sushi range and established Bar Non Solo, reflecting the Group’s focus on its continued organic growth.

On 24 November, at the time of writing, Savor gained by 1.00% at NZ$0.495.

Rua Bioscience Limited (NZX:RUA)

Rua Bioscience Limited has been awarded Callaghan Innovation Funding of NZ$376,000 so as to support a project related to transformative research.

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The said funding would strengthen RUA’s investment into the research project, which is crucial to the Company's quest to develop world-class medicinal cannabis products.

On 24 November, at the time of writing, Rua Bioscience was unchanged at NZ$0.395.

Radius Residential Care Limited (NZX:RAD)

Radius Residential Care Limited on 29 November will publish its half-year performance ended 30 September 2021.

It would be followed by a briefing for investors and analysts to be hosted by the management.

On 24 November, at the time of writing, Radius Residential Care was flat at NZ$0.500.

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Bottom Line

Penny stocks are comparatively cheaper than their peers; one can easily invest in these without losing any significant portion of one’s finance.


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