5 NZX-listed industrial stocks under the spotlight

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5 NZX-listed industrial stocks under the spotlight

 5 NZX-listed industrial stocks under the spotlight
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  • Industrial stocks drive a nation’s economic growth and progression.
  • New Zealand hosts some of the most sought-after industrial stocks which comprise airlines and port companies, etc.
  • Air New Zealand to announce its FY21 results on 26 August.

The industrial sector is the foundation of a nation. It steers the nation's economic development and progress by engaging in the businesses related to manufacturing and supplying capital goods, providing transport services, etc.

In other words, industrial stocks comprise airways, railways, defence, industrial machinery and equipment, construction, transportation, related commercial and professional services, etc.

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From New Zealand's perspective, apart from having world-class airports and airline fleets, the country boasts numerous highly efficient and advanced water ports, which are helping the progression of the country.

These airline and port operators are the gateways to international markets for many of New Zealand’s businesses. Apart from carrying both domestic as well as international passengers, these airlines also help in cargo services.

Moreover, NZ’s ports provide a whole range of marine services as well as cargo and container shipping. Further, they also provide on-site warehousing facilities for both domestic and international customers.

Amid the above background, let us explore five NZ industrial stocks comprising airlines and port companies.

Air New Zealand Limited (NZX:AIR; ASX:AIZ)

Air New Zealand Limited is New Zealand’s flag carrier airline providing both passengers as well as cargo services. The company will disclose its 2021 Annual Results on 26 August, followed by a conference call for investors and analysts, which will be hosted by the Company’s CEO and CFO.

On 18 August, at the time of writing, Air New Zealand was up by 0.70% at NZ$1.445.

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Auckland International Airport Limited (NZX:AIA; ASX:AIA)

Auckland International Airport Limited has shared its monthly update and preview for June and July 2021, respectively. In June 2021, its total passenger volumes grew by 196.9% on pcp. It is noted that the rise in total international passengers for the said month was mainly due to the trans-Tasman quarantine-free travel arrangement.

Also, domestic services witnessed an increase in the month of June 2021.

In July 2021, total passenger volumes climbed by 59.7% on pcp. However, the trans-Tasman arrangement was suspended with several states throughout July 2021.

At the time of writing, Auckland International Airport was trading flat at NZ$7.050, on 18 August.

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Port of Tauranga Limited (NZX:POT)

Port of Tauranga Limited has recently declared to organise its Annual Meeting of shareholders on 29 October.

Also, the last date for sending director nominations is 27 August. The nominations can be made only by those shareholders who are entitled to attend and vote in the Annual Meeting.

At the time of writing, Port of Tauranga was up by 0.57% at NZ$7.080, on 18 August.

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South Port New Zealand Limited (NZX:SPN)

Located at the southernmost tip of South Island, South Port New Zealand Limited is NZ’s commercial deepwater port. It has scheduled its Annual Meeting at the end of October 2021. The venue for the Annual Meeting would be Island Harbour, Bluff.

Also, SPN has urged its shareholders to send director nominations by 30 August.

On 18 August, at the time of writing, South Port New Zealand was flat at NZ$8.540.

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Napier Port Holdings Limited (NZX:NPH)

Napier Port Holdings Limited is focused on providing efficient port and logistics services to its customers. Recently, the Company revealed to publish its FY2021 financial results on 25 August, for the nine-month period ended 30 June 2021.

Further, NPH’s Chair, Chief Executive, and the Chief Financial Officer will be hosting a conference call for the discussion of the said results, after the release of the same.

At the time of writing on 18 August, Napier Port Holdings was up by 0.63% at NZ$3.220.

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Bottom Line

As mentioned, industrial stocks are the backbone of every nation. Being closely tied to the economy, the country’s progress hugely depends on these companies.


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