Look at these retirement villages during Level-2 lockdown


  • Retirement homes have opened gates for visitors during level -2
  • Masks are a must for the visitors and residents when in the main building
  • Health ministry has given guidelines for different levels of lockdown

New Zealand’s ministry of health has specified guidelines for retirement villages and other essential services for various levels of lockdowns. Like hospitals, the Government has given guidelines for retirement villages for various levels of lockdowns.

For lockdown level 2, aged care homes re-opened and there were no restrictions placed on visitors for independent living.

However, according to guidelines, anyone coming to see them would have to wear a mask, ensuring that they haven’t returned from overseas in the last three weeks and haven’t been to a location which comes under the location of interest.

The residents of the village would have to wear masks in main buildings and also maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other. While visitors are allowed even in care centres, they would have to be restricted. All the retirement companies are adhering to these guidelines strictly. Against this background, let’s see 5 NZX-listed retirement stocks.

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 Ryman Healthcare Limited (NZX:RYM)

RYM is one of the biggest retirement village operators in NZ and Australia. It operates 43 villages, which are home to 12,750 residents.

Ryman is also following the guidelines in all its retirement villages. While visitors are allowed to enter the premises in level 2, they have to wear masks and have a temperature check. The Company is working on getting activities back for senior residents. RYM has ensured that most of its residents are fully vaccinated.

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On 10 September, the stock was trading up by 1.26%, at NZ$15.00, at the close of the trading.

Arvida Group Limited (NZX:ARV)

ARV has 32 retirement communities across NZ, offering villas and apartments. The Group followed similar guidelines after the Level-4 lockdown was lifted for its retirement communities. During the Level-4 lockdown till recently, all Arvida villages and care centres were closed to visitors till a change in the lockdown status occurred. Only those visiting families in palliative were allowed in the centre. However, now the Group will be following the health ministry guidelines with regard to level 2.

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On 10 September, the stock was trading up by 1.43%, at NZ$2.130, at the close of trade.

Oceania Healthcare Limited (NZX:OCAASX:OCA)

OCA is associated with retirement and aged care for a long time. It operates over 44 villages all over New Zealand. The Company provided an update on the guidelines for its villages. These include that friends and families can visit residents or apartments provided they wear masks and sign a declaration form and sign-in with the COVID-10 Tracer App.  

Like all other retirement villages, community services are for residents provided they wear masks and maintain social distancing. In addition, service providers can enter if they are providing essential services.

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On 10 September, the stock was trading down by 1.30%, at 1.520, at the close of trading.

Radius Residential Care Limited (NZX:RAD)

RAD provides specialist aged care services to the disabled and feeble New Zealanders. It also provides specialist health and aged care to the elderly and the disabled Kiwis. It has 22 sites with more than 1,700 residents. The Company has also opened retirement communities to visitors. But they need to be masked and maintain a distance of 2 meters.

On 10 September, the stock was trading flat at 0.570, at the time of close of trade.

Summerset Group Holdings Limited (NZX:SUM)

This is another large retirement group in New Zealand. During the level 2 lockdown, the Company also opened its doors to visitors and made masks mandatory for them. In the special care section, there will be entry-related restrictions for visitors.

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On September 10, the stock was trading down by 0.61%, at NZ$15, at the close of trading.



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