Which are the 5 hot NZX dividend stocks gone ex in September 2021?


  • It is dividend time again in New Zealand
  • Several companies have their ex-dividend and payment dates in September.
  • Shareholders wait eagerly for these announcements.

Dividends are a regular source of income for risk-averse investors.  Last year, some companies did not pay dividends to their shareholders to maintain their cash reserves but now they have resumed paying them. Dividends can also generate additional income through the Dividend Reinvestment Plans of the companies.

Against this background, let us look at 5 NZX-listed companies that have their ex-dividend date in September.

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Asset Plus Limited (NZX:APL)

 APL declared an interim dividend of 0.450 cps with its ex-dividend date on 3 September 2021. The payment date for the dividend is 13 September. The gross dividend yield for the dividends is more than 5%.

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Vector Limited (NZX:VCT)

VCT is a network infrastructure company with a varied range of offerings.   It announced a final dividend payment of 8.5 cps with imputation credits with 0.999 cps. The ex-dividend date was 8 September and it will be paid on 16 September 2021. The Gross yield for its dividends works out to be 5%.

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NZ Windfarms Limited (NZX:NWF)

NWF is a green energy company that declared a dividend of 0.450 cps for its shareholders. The dividend will be paid on 22 September. The ex-dividend date for the same is 9 September.  The Company has been paying dividends despite COVID-19 disruptions.

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NZME Limited (NZX:NZM)

A media company in New Zealand, it declared an interim dividend of  3 cps. This was done after 2018. The imputation credits attached to the dividend are 1.167 and will be paid on 22 September. The ex-dividend date for the dividend was 9 September 2021. The gross yield works out to 0%

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NZX Limited (NZX:NZX)

NZX is the stock exchange for New Zealand carrying out derivatives trading as well. It announced an interim dividend of 3 cps with an imputation credit of 1.167. The ex-dividend date for it was 9 September.  The payment date for the same is 24 September. The NZX has been consistent in dividend payments throughout 2020. The last dividend was paid on 26 March.

Bottomline: Several companies have ex-dividend dates in September. Many of these companies have good dividend yields and many have been consistent in announcing their dividends even in FY2020 despite COVID-19-related disruptions.



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