Which are 3 NZX dividend stocks from consumer sector?


  • Consumer stocks have largely fared well in 2021.
  • DGL Group announced a dividend of 20cps for FY21 due to be paid on 8 October 2021.
  • PGW declared a final dividend of 16cps due to be paid on 4 October 2021.

Consumer stocks have majorly stayed resilient and have rather performed well during COVID-19 times as they fall in the essentials category. Spending on discretionary consumer goods witnessed a steady rise in 2021 after a decline in 2020 as people stayed at home and demanded food and other goods.

Some stocks have also announced dividends this year after strong growth in sales and earnings.

Let’s look at some of these companies in the consumer space that performed well and paid dividends.

3 NZX Dividend-paying consumer stocks, their market cap, returns

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Delegat Group Limited (NZX:DGL)

Auckland-based global wine company, DGL Group, reported a record operating NPAT of $65.5 million in FY21 compared to $60.7 million in FY20. The operating revenue for the firm stood at $302.7 million on the global case sales of 3,178,000 in the year.

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DGL Board approved a dividend of 20cps for FY21 due to be paid on 8 October 2021. The Group plans to invest an additional $29.7 million in 2022 to provide earnings growth in the years ahead and succeed in growing sales to 3,976,000 cases by 2024.

On 1 October, DGL ended the trading session flat at $14.45.

Seeka Limited (NZX:SEK)

NZ’s major kiwifruit producing company Seeka announced that it had cleared the first obstacle in acquiring Orangewood, a Northland-based leading kiwifruit business. Orangewood’s shareholders voted in favour of the acquisition of the said amalgamation.

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The transaction is likely to be finalised before 15 December 2021. The acquisition would bolster Seeka’s presence in the Northland region while propelling synergies and cost savings to the said merger.

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In August, the Group had announced a dividend of 13cps for H1 of 2021 due to be paid on 13 October 2021.

On 1 October, SEK ended the trading session at $5.1, down 1.92% from the previous close.

PGG Wrightson Limited (NZX:PGW)

One of the key suppliers to the agriculture sector, PGG Wrightson posted strong FY21 results with a 7.6% rise in revenue to $847.8 million over pcp. The Company also reported strong performance across retail, fruitfed supplies, livestock, wool and real estate businesses.

The Group continues to experience solid demand and pricing for the NZ produce strengthening outlook for growers.

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PGW declared a final dividend of 16cps, due to be paid on 4 October 2021. This would take the total dividends to 28cps for FY21.

On 1 October, PGW ended the trading session at $3.83, up 4.08% from the previous close.

Bottom Line

Consumer stocks have fared well amid COVID-19 and are likely to do well as they are required regularly by customers.

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