A Peek At 5 Hot Dividend Stocks To Explore This Reporting Season - ZEL, PFI, BIT, SCL, KMD

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A Peek At 5 Hot Dividend Stocks To Explore This Reporting Season - ZEL, PFI, BIT, SCL, KMD

 A Peek At 5 Hot Dividend Stocks To Explore This Reporting Season - ZEL, PFI, BIT, SCL, KMD
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  • Dividends indicate strong company fundamentals and sustainability to shareholders.
  • Z Energy reveals enhanced earnings in FY22 by focusing on cost reduction and monetising scale.
  • Property for Industry acquired industrial property at Wiri.
  • Scales Corporation announced solid annual results with 9.5 cps as final dividend.

Dividend declaration is one of the key yardsticks to measure a company’s sound well-being and financial health. It gives confidence to the existing investors about the Company's strong fundamentals, as well as attracts potential investors towards them, thereby augmenting the demand for its shares.

During these uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic, dividends act as a reliever to the shareholders by ensuring sustainability to their incomes. Moreover, they help in diversifying the portfolio as the loss suffered on certain stocks is offset by the better performing dividend stocks.

Furthermore, with sufficient and regular income by way of dividends, investors can expand their income sources by acquiring more stocks, thus, broadening their investment portfolio.

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Amid the improving economic conditions, let us now look at the 5 NZX-listed dividend stocks that would be declaring dividends soon and evaluate their performances.

Z Energy Limited

Z Energy Limited (NZX:ZEL; ASX:ZEL) announced a historic NPAT of NZ$57 million, up 165% on pcp, in its annual results ended 31 March 2021.

However, the Company’s replacement cost EBITDAF was reported at NZ$238 million, declining 35% on pcp, and its total marketing volume stood at 3,086 million, decreasing by 22% on PCP.

ZEL aims to enhance its earnings in FY22 by the continuous reduction in its structural costs, holding its market share, optimisation of its terminals, as well as focusing on new customer offers.

The Company expects RC EBITDAF earnings in the range of NZ$270 million and NZ$310 million and dividends to be between 19-23 cps for FY22.

ZEL has declared a final dividend of 14 cps for FY21 to be paid on 2 June 2021.

On 10 May, Z Energy ended the day's trading session in green, up by 2.85% at NZ$2.890.

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Property for Industry Limited

Property for Industry Limited (NZX:PFI) provided an update on the acquisition of Wiri-based industrial property for NZ$91.68 million.

Further, PFI anticipates cash dividends between 7.85-7.90 cps for FY21.

The Company will pay a Q1 dividend of 1.80 cps along with a supplementary dividend of 0.269 cps on 24 May 2021.

On 10 May, Property for Industry ended the day's trading session in green, up by 0.17% at NZ$2.875.

The Bankers Investment Trust Plc

The Bankers Investment Trust Plc (NZX:BIT) focuses on continuous capital and dividend growth by investing in various listed companies throughout the world. BIT’s NAV stood at 109.7p and its share price was 110.8p as on 31 March 2021.

The Company’s major holdings comprise Microsoft 2.3%, both Estee Lauder Cos and CME Group at 2.0 %, American Express and American Tower at 1.7%, while Mastercard at 1.6%.

With declaring a final Q4 dividend of 5.42 cps in February 2021 and better economic conditions, The Bankers Investment Trust is confident about the global equities returns next year.

BIT has declared an interim dividend of 0.538 cps payable on 28 May 2021.

On 10 May, The Bankers Investment Trust ended the day's trading session in green, up by 1.69% at NZ$2.400.

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Scales Corporation Limited

Scales Corporation Limited (NZX:SCL) declared robust annual results with revenue standing at NZ$470.7 million and profit of NZ$26.6 million in 2020, despite facing the devastating effects of COVID-19.

Moreover, its underlying EBITDA and underlying NPAT stood at NZ$53.9 million and NZ$33.8 million, respectively.

SCL will pay a final dividend on 9 July 2021, amounting to 9.5 cps for FY2020.

On 10 May, Scales Corporation ended the day's trading session in green, up by 1.10% at NZ$4.590.

Kathmandu Holdings Limited

Kathmandu Holdings Limited (NZX:KMD; ASX:KMD) disclosed that a prudent cost management approach laid a strong foundation for its remarkable 1H FY2021 performance.

The Company reported a record NZ$410.7 million sales, up 12.9% during the period, which was augmented by strong sales of its well-known brands Rip Curl and Oboz. Moreover, its statutory NPAT stood at $22.3 million during the period.

KMD will pay an interim dividend of 2.0 cps on 4 June 2021.

On 10 May, Kathmandu Holdings ended the day's trading session in green, up by 0.64% at NZ$1.570.

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