A glance at companies offering dividends in March- ENS, HGH, ARV, PGW, KFL, and GMT

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  • Dividend announcements by companies reflect on recovery in business.
  • Enprise Group Limited offers a non-imputation interim dividend.
  • Arvida Group offers positive results with substantial half-year NPAT.

With the year 2020 delivered poor business for most industries across the world, the dividends paid also witnessed a slower pace. A dividends is often an indicator of the financial wellness of an organisation and garners the interest of investors in the stocks of the company. Let’s have a look at these companies that are due to pay their dividends in the month of March, respectively.

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Enprise Group Limited (NZX:ENS)

This NZ- based investment vertical, which helps different businesses in development, has recently announced its interim dividend of 2.0 cents for each share. This will be a non-imputation interim dividend, which means that the tax paid shall either be non-resident or resident depending, whilst withholding tax, whichever of these is applicable in the case. In its half-yearly report, the Company announced the revenue of N$7.447M. The dividend is to be paid on 16 March 2021.

On 1 March, Enprise Group Limited last traded at $1.060, up by 1.92%, at the time of writing.

Heartland Group Holdings Limited (NZX:HGH)

This dual-listed (NZX and ASX) financial service provider is known for its concentrated efforts towards sectors such as Rural development, household, and business. On 22 February, the Company announced an interim dividend of 0.04705882 to its shareholders due on March 16, 2021. The Company has recently announced a NPAT of N$44.1M for the half year till 31 December 2020.

On 1 March, Heartland Group Holdings last traded at $1.870, up by 1.08%, at the time of writing.

Arvida Group Limited (NZX:ARV)

One of the most widespread old age care facility providers in the country, the Arvida Group Limited announced its third-quarter dividend on 22 February. The Group announced 1.45 cents per share in dividend. The dividend is to be paid by 10 March 2021. This comes after the Arvida group had offered an NPAT of N$41.8M in the half year, which ended on September 30, 2020.

On 1 March, Arvida Group Limited last traded at N$1.670, down by 0.95%, at the time of writing.

PGG Wrightson Limited (NZX:PGW)

This agriculture-based product and service provider in New Zealand has recently announced good earnings as well as interim dividend for its shareholders. The Company recorded a revenue of N$499.3M, which is a 3% increase from pcp. Following this, the Company decided to pay 12 cents per share in dividend (fully imputed).

On 1 March, PGG Wrightson Limited last traded at N$3.550, at the time of writing.

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Kingfish Limited (NZX:KFL)

This investment-based company, which works with growing organisations, announced to pay a quarterly interim dividend of 3.71 cents for each share. The dividend is due to be paid on 26 March. There was a 1.1% gross performance loss witnessed by the business in January 2021.

On 1 March, Kingfish Limited last traded at N$1.930, up by 2.12%, at the time of writing.

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Goodman Property Trust (NZX:GMT)

This is a dual-listed (NZX and ASX) industrial real estate company, which has recently announced a distribution of $0.01325000 for each unit held by the unit holders. There has been an announcement of distribution of $0.00284517 for each unit in the form of imputation credits. As revealed in its half-year results in November 2020, the Company had recorded a statutory profit of N$186.4M before tax.

On 1 March, Goodman Property Trust last traded at NZ$2.25 0, up by 2.27%, at the time of writing.



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