4 Most Discussed NZX Dividend Stocks To Explore In May 2021


  • Henderson Far East Income released its monthly factsheet with a share price of 319.25p as of 20 May.
  • The City of London Investment’s NAV was valued at 383.81p on 21 May.
  • Property for Industry declared its annual results for 2020 with an enormous portfolio of NZ$1.632 billion.

Dividend declaration by a company is an important milestone that every investor looks forward to. One must keep a tab on the record date of dividend declaration to reap the benefits.

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In the light of the given background, let us take a peek at the four stocks, which are declaring dividends in the current month of May 2021.

Henderson Far East Income Limited

Henderson Far East Income Limited (NZX:HFL) aims to maximise its shareholders' wealth with enhanced dividends and capital appreciation by investing in diverse companies from the APAC region.

Its share price stood at 319.25p and NAV at 311.40p as of 20 May 2021. Its major holdings for April month comprised Samsung Electronics, Rio Tinto, LG, and BHP Group, etc.

The Company would pay an interim dividend of 5.8 cps on 28 May 2021.

On 25 May, at the time of writing, Henderson Far East Income rose by 2.04% and was trading at NZ$6.500.

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The City of London Investment Trust

The City of London Investment Trust (NZX:TCL) focusses on enhancing income and capital growth by primarily investing in LSE-listed securities.

As of 21 May 2021, its share price was valued at 391.50p with an estimated NAV of 383.81p. It comprised 84 holdings towards the end of April 2021 with significant names like British American Tobacco, Diageo, Rio Tinto, and Unilever, etc.

The Company would be paying an interim dividend of 4.8 cps on 28 May 2021.

On 25 May, at the time of writing, The City of London Investment rose by 1.04% and was trading at NZ$7.750.

The Bankers Investment Trust

The Bankers Investment Trust (NZX:BIT) lays emphasis to augment its shareholders’ wealth by investing in a diversified portfolio comprising various securities across the globe.

It announced today that it had abided by the market abuse regulation act and had published all its inside information pertaining to the interim results announcement period ended April 2021.

The Bankers Investment Trust has notified an interim dividend worth 0.538 cps to be paid on 28 May 2021.

On 25 May, at the time of writing, The Bankers Investment rose by 2.27% and was trading at NZ$2.250.

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Property for Industry Limited

Property for Industry Limited (NZX:PFI) is an investment vehicle, which specialises in industrial property. Its portfolio stood at a massive NZ$1.632 billion towards the end of 2020.

The Company made strategic investments in properties situated in Wiri and Avondale and has committed NZ$2 million to reduce emissions in the coming 3 years.

Property for Industry paid an interim dividend of 1.8 cps on 24 May 2021.

On 25 May, at the time of writing, Property for Industry decreased by 0.53% and was trading at NZ$2.815. 

Dividend-paying stocks are a part of most of investors’ portfolio. They not only enhance the wealth of shareholders and investors but also give clear signals about the positive prospects of a company and attract potential investors.



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