How Are These 5 NZX Stocks Performing Today- BLT, SVR, ENS, TRU, GEO

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How Are These 5 NZX Stocks Performing Today- BLT, SVR, ENS, TRU, GEO

 How Are These 5 NZX Stocks Performing Today- BLT, SVR, ENS, TRU, GEO
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  • Blis Technologies announced the approval of its probiotic strains in India.
  • Savor Group has successfully completed the acquisition of the famous Hipgroup venues.
  • Geo Limited revealed the stepping down of one of its board members.

Investors and shareholders of any stock exchange are always in search of the leading stocks on a particular day, so as to study the market trends and make informed decisions for investments.

Seasoned and experienced traders and investors keep ready the list of the stocks that are on the move. Further, after doing further research on the volumes traded, they get a clear picture of what they want to buy or sell in terms of stocks and securities.

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In the light of the above, let us look at the 5 NZX gainers and losers of the day along with their latest update.

Blis Technologies Limited

At the time of writing on 30 April, Blis Technologies was trading in green, up by 1.67% and priced at NZ$0.061.

Blis Technologies Limited (NZX:BLT) has recently announced that both its probiotic strains- BLIS M18™ and BLIS K12™ - had  received approval from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) - to be used in health supplements across the country.

It is noted that BLT has teamed up with RNA Nutrition, a prominent life sciences-based agency in India. The Indian company would act as Blis Technologies’ agent for the commercialisation of BLIS Ingredients™ in the country. Blis has also revised its sales model in Australia.

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Savor Limited

At the time of writing on 30 April, Savor was trading in green, up by 2.38% and priced at NZ$0.215.

Savor Limited (NZX:SVR) had declared its successful acquisition of 3 renowned Hipgroup venues i.e. Amano, Ortolana, and The Store.

The Company is well positioned and is focused on future growth and development by enhancing its existing brand value as well as procuring new venues.

Moreover, SVR has acknowledged the resignation of its directors- David Poole, Sheena Henderson, and Rich Frank. It has further announced the appointment of Ryan Davis and Louise Alexander as independent directors. This shift in the board was effective from 8 April 2021.

Also, Geoff Ross, SVR’s Chairman would retire from his position towards the end of May 2021.

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Enprise Group Limited

At the time of writing on 30 April, Enprise Group was trading in green, up by 4.13% and priced at NZ$1.260.

Enprise Group Limited (NZX:ENS) had declared that Datagate Innovation, its investee company, has appointed Eric Hernaez as its non-executive director.

Moreover, Hernaez has made an investment worth NZ$165,000 in Datagate.

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TruScreen Group Limited

At the time of writing on 30 April, TruScreen Group was trading in red, down by 4.60% and priced at NZ$0.083.

TruScreen Group Limited (NZX:TRU) announced that a research has shown that TruScreen cervical cancer screening device is suitable for use in a COVID-19 environment.

Researchers in China, explored the effect of using TruScreen cervical cancer screening device and commented on limitations of HPV testing and colposcopy amid the prevailing COVID-19 conditions.

However, the research concluded the effectiveness of the use of the TruScreen cervical cancer screening system amid the COVID-19 environment.

The device can be set up outside these facilities and is easy to operate. It is a sound method of HPV testing among women and can be used even in the absence of cytology and colposcopy facilities.

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Geo Limited

At the time of writing on 30 April, Geo was trading in red, down by 2.11% and priced at NZ$0.139.

Geo Limited (NZX:GEO) has recently notified that Roger Sharp, the Company’s Non-Executive Chair and its prime shareholder, would step down from his position around November 2021, when AGM of the Company is scheduled.

The management would soon seek a suitable replacement for the position.


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