EROAD (NZX:ERD) unveils a new useful video solution


  • EROAD, the fleet management tech company, has launched a new product, Clarity Solo Dashcam, aimed to enhance driver safety and reduce driving costs
  • This new offering can be integrated alongside existing EROAD solutions.

EROAD Limited (NZX:ERD) has notified its customers about introducing EROAD Clarity Solo Dashcam. The new technology would be unveiled at the American Trucking Association MC&E show this weekend.

It is noted that ERD is a transportation technology services company that designs tech solutions to manage vehicle fleet, thereby improving driver safety as well as lessening the driving-related costs.

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ERD’s new launch is equipped with advanced features

EROAD’s latest launch, Clarity Solo Dashcam, is a cost-effective video solution focusing on improved operational visibility and at the same time shields from false claims.

Also, it provides an improved agile search system, enabling video search based on vehicle location.

Moreover, the Company has made an addition of new log-on technology, contactless NFC, i.e., Near Field Communication to the above-mentioned Dashcam linking all video and telematics to a particular driver.

Clarity Solo offers its customers the freedom to implement the said solution with any other fleet management system. In other words, ERD customers can now derive benefits by integrating the Clarity Solo Dashcam with the existing solutions.

On the occasion, Steven Newman, EROAD’s CEO stated that with the new launch, the Company is expanding its existing portfolio of video telematics offerings. The sale of its dashcams is very likely to get momentum, with the introduction of this advanced dashcam product.

It is noted that the sale of Clarity Solo Dashcam would start off this quarter, after the launch.

At the time of writing, EROAD was climbing by 2.94% at NZ$5.250, on 22 October.

Bottom Line

Focusing on cutting-edge innovative telematics solutions, EROAD Limited continues to deliver advanced technology offerings for its customers.



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