Acquaint Yourself With 6 Most Discussed Stocks on NZX – WDT, EBO, CRP, MCY, BGP, CEN

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Acquaint Yourself With 6 Most Discussed Stocks on NZX – WDT, EBO, CRP, MCY, BGP, CEN

 Acquaint Yourself With 6 Most Discussed Stocks on NZX – WDT, EBO, CRP, MCY, BGP, CEN
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  • These are the most talked about stocks today, find out why!
  • Look at their latest discussions and announcements.
  • What about their stock performance or the day?

The NZX market has been buzzing about these popular stocks for the day! Have a look at what’s new with their functioning and management, see whether they might be valuable investment avenues or you in the future.

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Wellington Drive Technologies (NZX:WDT)

This Company offers IoT solutions, functional in different Asian Countries besides sits base in New Zealand. The Company announced today that  Mr. Greg Balla shall take command of the role of CEO. His predecessor Mr. Greg Allen resigned from his position in the month of March 2021.

On May 7 Wellington Drive Technologies traded at NZ$0.091, up by 1.11% at the time of writing.

Ebos Group Limited (NZX:EBO)

This Company offers the distribution as well as diligent market for pharma and other medical products in Australasia. They have announced changes in their management today. Leonard Hanson, the interim CFO of the Company has now been allotted the role permanently. It has further announced the resignation of Mr. Sean Duggan, CEO of the Animal Care and Consumer Brands segment of the business.

On May 7 Ebos Group Limited traded at NZ$30.560, up by 1.02% at the time of writing.

Chatham Rock Phosphate (NZX:CRP)

This Company provides industrial applications phosphate to varied clients. The Company has announced today that their private placement closing date is now extended to the 7 June 2021. This extension has been sanctioned by TSX Venture Exchange.

Mercury NZ Limited (NZX:MCY)

This company creates electricity using replenishable energy sources. The Company has revealed today that Mr. Stewart Hamilton is the new General Manager Generation. He shall be reporting directly to Mr Vince Hawksworth, the Chief Executive of the Company.

On May 7 Mercury NZ Limited traded at NZ$6.880, down by 0.29% at the time of writing.

Briscoe Group Limited (NZX:BGP)

This is a retail based dual listed Company with 85 stores all over. The Company recorded first quarter sales of  NZ$173.1m. This is 78.42% higher than what was earned in pcp. Rod Duke, the Group Managing Director is of the view that the consumer demand had surged towards the end of 2020 and continued in the first quarter of this year too.

On May 7, 2021, Briscoe Group Limited traded at NZ$5.660, up by 0.35% at the time of writing.

Contact Energy Limited (NZX:CEN)

This Company offers valuable services to the customers in terms of sustainability. They have announced their April monthly report. The gas and electricity mass market sales were record at 305GWh and the Gas and Electricity Mass Market Netback was recorded at N$104.91/MWh.

On May 7 Contact Energy Limited traded at NZ$7.730, up by 0.13% at the time of writing.


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