A peek into the 5 most traded NZX stocks on Friday

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A peek into the 5 most traded NZX stocks on Friday

 A peek into the 5 most traded NZX stocks on Friday
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  • Numerous stocks are being bought and sold during the day, with some being the most active while others fail to attract any traders
  • Kiwi Property Group, one of the hugely traded stocks, has disclosed that its KPG010 bonds would mature this month
  • Spark New Zealand ready to release its FY21 results on 18 August

Investors are constantly on the lookout for stocks that suits their portfolio and satiate their risk appetite. Plus, considering the market scenario, numerous stocks are bought and sold on a stock exchange during the trading session. Some stocks are very active and record huge trading volumes, at any given point of time as they offer high liquidity.

Having said that, let us explore the five most traded stocks on Friday.

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Kiwi Property Group Limited (NZX:KPG)

Operating in New Zealand's real estate space for more than two decades, Kiwi Property Group Limited was one of the most traded stocks on Friday, with a trading volume of 3,870,250. The maturity date of its KPG010 bonds was recently revealed by the Group, which is on 20 August, with the record date being 10 August.

It is noted that the last trading in KGP010 was 6 August.

At the closing bell, on 6 August, Kiwi Property Group was flat at NZ$1.170.

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Spark New Zealand Limited (NZX:SPK; ASX:SPK)

One of the leading providers of telecommunications services across the country is Spark New Zealand Limited, which recorded a trading volume of 2,965,716. The Company will soon disclose its FY21 results by 18 August.

Following the announcement, a teleconference has been organised for the investors and analysts to discuss the above-mentioned results.

On 6 August, Spark New Zealand gained 0.74% at NZ$4.785, at the end of the market session.

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Argosy Property Limited (NZX:ARG)

Another company functioning in the property sector is Argosy Property Limited. The Company has extended its existing syndicated bank facilities worth NZ$ 215 million. The mentioned funds have been furnished by a syndicate of banks comprising of BNZ, ANZ Bank, HSBC Hong Kong, and other banks.

It is noted that the total bank facilities now stand at NZ$455 million as compared to the earlier NZ$490 million.

Argosy Property was one of the most active stocks, which noted a trading volume of 2,314,172, Further, it climbed 1.57% at NZ$1.620, on 6 August, at the market close.

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Contact Energy Limited (NZX:CEN; ASX:CEN)

Contact Energy Limited, too, was one of the most actively traded stocks of the day, with a trading volume of 1,970,829. The Company has recently revealed the appointment of Sandra Dodds, as an independent director w.e.f. 1 September.

Being a dual citizen of New Zealand and Australia, Dodds, comes with an exceptional international infrastructure experience and financial expertise, and the Board looks forward to her contribution towards the Company.

The shares of Contact Energy dipped by 1.57% at NZ$8.150, at the market close on 6 August.

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SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited (NZX:SKC; ASX:SKC)

Functioning as a tourism, leisure, and entertainment company, SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited recorded a trading volume of 1,461,839. The Company had recently announced the reopening of its Adelaide based property in a staged manner from 28 July onwards following the lifting up of the lockdown in the region.

SKC would be abiding by the Covid protocols like hygiene requirements as well as maintaining social distancing.

On 6 August, SkyCity Entertainment Group was flat at NZ$3.200, at the end of the market session.

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