6 NZX Stocks That Flourished And Dwindled Today- BIT, BRM, CGF, BLT, RUA, CDI

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6 NZX Stocks That Flourished And Dwindled Today- BIT, BRM, CGF, BLT, RUA, CDI

 6 NZX Stocks That Flourished And Dwindled Today- BIT, BRM, CGF, BLT, RUA, CDI
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  • The NZX is reverberating with constant stock movements ahead of the Federal Budget announcement.
  • Barramundi provided a monthly update for May 2021.
  • Blis Technologies announced the grant of approval by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to market its probiotic strains.
  • Rua Bioscience concludes its contract with Medbloom and negotiates new possibilities.

With just two days to go for the official declaration of the Federal Budget 2021, the NZX is buzzing with continuous movements in its stock prices. Stocks with a surge in their value during the trading session are marked as 'Gainers', while those which experience a wane in their prices are termed as 'Decliners.'

On 18 May, the benchmark index S&P/NZX50, after the market session ended, was at 12,396.62 basis points with a slight slip of 0.11% from its last close.

The other indices ending the day in red were S&P/NZX All Consumer Staples, declined by 2.17%, and S&P/NZX All Financials, which decreased by 1.11% compared to its previous close.

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With this overview, let us quickly take a look at the 6 NZX stocks which flourished and dwindled on the NZX today.

The Bankers Investment Trust Plc

The Bankers Investment Trust Plc (NZX:BIT) invests in large international businesses across the world, thereby reflecting a strong and diversified portfolio. In April end, it had notified all its stakeholders that its capital consisted of 1,310,402,830 shares with an equal number of voting rights.

Its share price stood at 111.80p with an estimated NAV of 111.47p as of 14 May 2021.

On 18 May, by the close of the market session, The Bankers Investment was in green, rising by 0.43% at NZ$2.360.

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Barramundi Limited

Barramundi Limited (NZX:BRM) is an NZ-based investment vehicle, which focusses on investment in Australian companies by offering long-term dividend and capital growth to its shareholders. Its share price was valued at $1.08, and NAV stood at $0.84, towards the end of April 2021.

Also, its sector-wise portfolio as on 30 April 2021 comprises financials (27%), healthcare (21%), IT (20%), communication services (20%), with industrial and consumer discretionary at 4% and 5%, respectively.

Moreover, the final exercise price will be revealed in September 2021 for the warrants which were issued in 2020.

On 18 May, by the end of the market session, Barramundi was in green, rising by 1.89% at NZ$1.080.

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Cooks Global Foods Limited

Cooks Global Foods Limited’s (NZX:CGF) H1 FY21 performance was impacted by the pandemic. The group sales dwindled to NZ$1.9 million and the comprehensive loss was reported at NZ$1,035K.

However, the Company got a respite with the government stimulus, restructuring of its businesses as well as the favourable impact of the acquisition of the Triple Two Coffee in the UK in June 2020.

Nonetheless, its Board is confident about CGF’s resilience, along with its cost management approach, and is optimistic about its growth in FY22.

On 18 May, by the close of the trading session, Cooks Global Foods was in green, rising by 5.88% at NZ$0.036.

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Blis Technologies Limited

Blis Technologies Limited (NZX:BLT) has welcomed the move by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for granting approval to its probiotic strains, namely, BLIS M18™ and BLIS K12™, for usage in health supplements.

Though, a little delay in the grant of the approval, BLT is looking ahead for marketing in India with RNA Nutrition, acting as its agent in the country.

On 18 May, post the market session ended, Blis Technologies was in red, dropping by 1.54% at NZ$0.064.

Rua Bioscience Limited

Rua Bioscience Limited (NZX:RUA) recently announced the termination of the contract with Medbloom Limited to supply raw biomass. The contract was signed in 2020.  The agreement was, however, conditional, with Medbloom having sufficient capital to enhance its cultivation.

Nevertheless, RUA is in negotiations with other cultivators across the country and is confident of delivering its elemental export consignment.

On 18 May, by the close of the trading session, Rua Bioscience was trading in red, dropping by 3.66% at NZ$0.395.

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CDL Investments New Zealand Limited

CDL Investments New Zealand Limited (NZX:CDI) is engaged in the property investment business in NZ with a primary focus on offering exclusive residential homes to Kiwis. The Company has planned to sell off its 3.8-hectare land situated in Wiri to Fernbrook Property.

The settlement will be undertaken in January 2022 and the sale proceeds would be used for the Company's progress and future acquisitions.

Moreover, CDI recently had issued new shares amounting to 7,077,888 to those shareholders, who had participated in its DRP.

On 18 May, at the end of the market session, CDL Investments New Zealand was in green, increasing by 0.45% at NZ$1.125.


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