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  • Digital money has been gaining ground in recent times with many investors reflecting strong interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Security of crypto assets is one of the major concerns when investing in cryptocurrencies.
  • Crossgate Capital provides investors with the ability to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without the hassle of storing assets. Crossgate Capital has selected BitGo to store the majority of the Company’s crypto assets.
  • Investors with a more robust technical understanding may manage their own wallet. However, they may face risks of losing their private key or use a 'fake' wallet which is designed to pocket one's cryptocurrencies. 

When it comes to holding cryptocurrencies, security is paramount but until recently storing these assets in a safe way has been extremely difficult.  Crossgate Capital provides an easy way for investors to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, by taking care of storage and other challenges including which cryptocurrencies to buy, reporting and keeping track of this fast moving market.

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Crossgate Capital provides security of crypto assets through BitGo

Cryptocurrencies are stored in a digital wallet and make use of encryption to verify transactions. The encryption provides security when storing and transmitting crypto data between wallets and to public ledgers where transactions are recorded. 

For any investor interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, crypto assets security is a big priority. Storage becomes a real problem for those investors who understand the risks and rewards of cryptocurrency investing but do not have a technical background.

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Crossgate Capital gives customers the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without the challenges and risk of storing assets. The specialist investor has chosen BitGo to store the majority of the Company’s crypto assets.

Storing cryptocurrencies in cold storage

People tend to store items like food or medicines in cold storage with the goal of preserving them for the long term. Similarly, the best way for investors to secure their cryptocurrencies is to use ‘cold storage’.

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Storing cryptocurrencies in cold storage can be one of the best ways to prevent losing Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies via hacking or other nefarious online activity. This does not imply freezing cryptocurrencies or Bitcoins but to store cryptocurrencies in a wallet that is not connected to the internet. As an investor, you would not want to simply leave your assets on an exchange.

Clive Jimmieson of Crossgate Capital comments;

Jimmieson also stated that assets of Crossgate Capital are secured using institutional-grade cryptocurrency security provided by BitGo.

Crossgate Capital Limited is the issuer of the products. The PDS for the offer is available and can be obtained at www.crossgatecapital.co.nz



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