Stupendous Recovery From COVID-19: New Zealand Puts Up A Great Show

  • Jun 04, 2020 NZST
  • Team Kalkine
Stupendous Recovery From COVID-19: New Zealand Puts Up A Great Show


  • COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the economy and taken many lives across the globe; every country is struggling to combat this turmoil. However, New Zealand has managed to contain the virus.
  • The National Party has no plans of reducing welfare payments.
  • New Zealand government disclosed COVID-19 response and recovery fund as a part of the 2020 budget.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), so far, there have been more than 6.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and nearly 379,941 deaths have been reported.

As per the media release dated May 30, 2020, the total number of confirmed cases in the country stood at 1,154 and this number was reported to the World Health Organisation. The combined total of confirmed as well as probable coronavirus cases stood at 1,504. The number of infected cases recovered stood at 1,481.

In this article, we will we discussing how New Zealand is planning for its recovery after combating COVID-19.

It can be said that New Zealand has weathered the storm of COVID-19. New Zealand government has been very active in combating the spread of coronavirus and the government has also launched the stimulus package which could help the broader economy to recover. The launch of package was necessary as the impact was felt across sectors and a push was needed for the broader recovery.

The Health Ministry of New Zealand continues to review progress and make constant advances. The health ministry stated that all hands on deck approach by public health units throughout recent months is paying off.

COVID-19 Tracker App in NZ

The NZ COVID Tracer app has now recorded 458,000 registrations. New Zealand’s health government continue to encourage as many persons as feasible for downloading the COVID tracer app; it would support for tracing, identification, testing of any cases of COVID-19.

New Zealand Discloses NZ$50 Billion COVID-19 Recovery Plan

New Zealand government disclosed COVID-19 response and recovery fund (CRRF). As part of the 2020 budget, the government has established the CRRF and set aside NZ$50 billion to support a response to as well as recovery from coronavirus pandemic. The economic consequences of a number of new methods have been managed against the recovery fund during April and early May.

On 14 May 2020, New Zealand government announced the CRRF Foundational Package, totalling NZ$12.0 billion in operating expenditure and NZ$3.9 billion in capital expenditure over the predicted period.


Source: budget


What is next?

  • Social gatherings can be held with up to 100 people

In New Zealand, people are now allowed to gather in groups of maximum 100 as well as to travel outside their local area. These comprise events at home or events outside of home such as religious services, weddings, parties, tangihanga as well as funerals.

This new order makes numerous other alterations to the way Alert Level 2 rules would be functioning from 29 May 2020- 

  • Institutions and businesses, that consists of faith-based assemblies as well as clubs, would be capable to carry out operations with specified & separated places. However, it needs to be noted that maximum 100 people (for event facilities, social gatherings and hospitality) applies per area, as far as interacting in common areas, like exits, entrances, and restrooms, could be avoided.
  • Contact tracing- privacy: From now onwards, businesses no longer require to record residential address of the person for contact tracing reasons. All the businesses are required to keep and collect workers’ record, and businesses except the retail are required to keep a record of customers and visitors to their premises. As per the release, they need to record names, visiting times as well as an effective means of communication (i.e. an email address or contact number).


  • No Plans to Reduce Welfare Payments

If elected, the National Party has no plans to reduce the welfare payments. According to the Stats NZ, the filled jobs witnessed a fall of 1.7% in the month of April 2020. However, the actual gross earnings for April 2020 month were reported at $11.1 billion, compared with $10.8 billion for April-2019.

Paul Goldsmith, National Finance spokesperson, stated that the country needs to spend more overall on benefits as there will be more New Zealanders who will be dependent on these benefits.


New Zealand remained ahead of the curve to combat the COVID-19 crisis, and now the country is focusing on boosting the economy and has an aim of responding, recovering and rebuilding after the pandemic. The country has revealed COVID-19 recovery plan to give an upturn for employment. However, the country is coming back to normal but there are some constraints for safety and prevention every New Zealander needs to keep in mind.


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