NZ gearing up for 5,000 Delta variant cases each week

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NZ gearing up for 5,000 Delta variant cases each week

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  • NZ health officials are of the view that the Covid cases may increase in the coming days even if the country achieves 90% vaccination rates.
  • Seeing the current trends, cases pertaining to Auckland and Northland region alone may witness around 5000 cases a week in the coming months.
  • Health authorities stated that the country is well-prepared to handle the surge in cases as they are upping the ICU and HDU units, as well as imparting preemptive ICU training to nurses and other staff.

As per New Zealand’s Ministry of Health forecasts, it is very likely that the country would witness a huge surge in its COVID-19 cases in the coming months.

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Around 5000 plus Covid cases a week likely to throng the Kiwi land in future

A modelling depicts that even if NZ achieves 90% vaccination rates, the Delta cases could rise to as high as 5200 cases a week, just in regions pertaining to Northland and Auckland alone next year.

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With these figures, Andrew Little, NZ’s Minister of Health states that the country is now gearing up its healthcare system to manage the sudden influx of Covid patients.

Plans for upping the country’s health system

The NZ Government is chalking out a plan for preparing the Kiwi nation for the surge in Delta cases. This includes expanding its ICU beds, plans for the relocation of healthcare staff to smaller and far-flung regions, imparting preemptive ICU training to nurses, and focusing on aiding people to recover at homes.

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In this regard, the country’s ICU and HDU (high dependency units) beds have been increased from the existing 320-340 beds to 550 beds.

The health authorities state though, NZ's healthcare system is well prepared to tackle a surge in the Covid cases, but any overwhelming numbers would pressurize even the most developed systems.

Focus on making the Kiwis used to the idea of home-isolation

The NZ Government has disclosed its new strategy to combat the future rise in Covid cases.

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The health officials opine around 0.2%-0.4% of Delta cases would need ICU care, while others may only require a small level of hospital care.

Seeing the current scenario, 90%-95% of Covid infections could be treated at home, under the care of GPs and nurses, instead of availing treatment in a quarantine facility

Hence, the authorities are now focusing their preparation for the self-isolation of Covid patients in the future, thereby requiring the efforts of GPs and other voluntary organisations.

The above would comprise of distributing food items, medications, etc., and arranging for virtual checkups.

Bottom Line

New Zealand is preparing for the worst expected Covid situation, if in case it emerges, they would be leaving no stone unturned to safeguard the residents.


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