Top 25 ASX Stocks by Dividend Yield

Kalkine’s dividend screener scans for top 25 ASX-listed Dividend Stocks in view of the below factors 

  1.  The stocks are deduced from the S&P/ASX 200 index and are identified to be the stocks with high dividend yields and decent fundamentals / financial performance over a period of time
  2.  The list is an exemplary list and can include the following taking into account the associated criteria
    1. Stocks with market capitalization across the range of Blue-chip, Mid-cap and Small-cap (above $200 million) categories
    2. Stocks with Annual Dividend yield over 5% (in general) with or without franking
    3. Stocks having an impact from share price downfall given the explicit screening from dividend perspective
    4. Stocks with special forms of dividends declared by respective companies

List of TOP 25 ASX-LISTED DIVIDEND STOCKS with Yield over 5% (13 December, 2019)

S.No.NameCodeStock Price (A$)Market Capitiilsation (A$)Gross Dividend Yield (%)*Dividend Yield (%)Franking (%)PE (X)
1Alumina LtdAWC.AX2.386.65bn16.1611.31100.008.15
2Bank of Queensland LtdBOQ.AX7.363.14bn13.069.14100.009.58
3Southern Cross Media Group LtdSXL.AX0.895676.73m12.588.81100.00-
4New Hope Corporation LtdNHC.AX2.041.68bn12.028.42100.007.97
5Whitehaven Coal LtdWHC.AX2.752.79bn11.3210.2921.675.08
6Speedcast International LtdSDA.AX0.755175.01m11.279.860.00-
7Harvey Norman Holdings LtdHVN.AX4.195.2bn11.227.91100.0012.02
8Westpac Banking CorpWBC.AX24.4886.71bn10.327.23100.0012.25
9Bendigo and Adelaide Bank LtdBEN.AX9.874.81bn10.287.19100.0012.62
10G8 Education LtdGEM.AX1.87853.63m9.826.87100.0012.56
11National Australia Bank LtdNAB.AX25.1573.09bn9.566.69100.0014.46
12AMP LtdAMP.AX1.9456.41bn9.487.5190.00-
13Platinum Asset Management LtdPTM.AX4.552.48bn9.126.38100.0015.65
14Estia Health LtdEHE.AX2.41647.5m9.106.37100.0015.66
15Australia and New Zealand Banking Group LtdANZ.AX24.7168.65bn9.016.6170.0011.53
16Perpetual LtdPPT.AX40.761.87bn8.936.25100.0015.94
17Adelaide Brighton LtdABC.AX3.52.24bn8.315.81100.0026.88
18Mcmillan Shakespeare LtdMMS.AX13.31.03bn7.975.58100.0017.23
19GWA Group LtdGWA.AX3.39884.22m7.895.52100.009.31
20Suncorp Group LtdSUN.AX13.1916.52bn7.865.34100.0096.75
21Nine Entertainment Co Holdings LtdNEC.AX1.8753.13bn7.795.45100.0010.5
22AGL Energy LtdAGL.AX20.6113.29bn7.765.7880.0014.93
23Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaCBA.AX80.06141.12bn7.725.41100.0016.42
24Woodside Petroleum LtdWPL.AX34.6332.27bn7.525.26100.0017.74
25GUD Holdings LtdGUD.AX10.84937.24m7.402.87100.0015.69

*Gross Dividend Yield Sourced from Thomson Reuters on 5th Dec’ 2019; Remaining Information Extracted from ASX

Past Dividend Yields