50 ASX Stocks by Dividend Yield*

Kalkine Media’s dividend screener scans for 50 ASX-listed Stocks based on divided yield, as on 03-06-2023

*NOTE: The reader is hereby apprised that the dividend yield is calculated by adding up all dividends paid in the last 12 months (including special dividends), then dividing the value by the current share price. The reader is requested to exercise necessary caution and conduct their own due diligence against chasing high dividend yields. Dividend yield IS NOT calculated by Kalkine Media, rather is obtained from various external sources such as Morningstar. The information presented here should not be solely relied upon for making any investment decisions. Please note that:

  • Dividends can be discontinued/ cut by companies based on their financial health, as dividend is not an obligation.
  • Dividend yield figures may be boosted due to special dividends.

S.No Company ASX Code Company Name Sector Dividend Yield (%) Stock Price (AU$) Market Cap (AU$) 1-year returns (%) PE (x) Watchlist

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