Authorised Investment Fund Reports 214% Growth In Interim Profit For 1HFY19- All That You...

Authorised Investment Fund’s strategy to invest in the high-growth companies has returned as massive as a 7 times increase in the valuation of investments....

A Quick Look At Authorised Investment Fund’s Current Investments

ASX listed Pooled Development Fund, Authorised Investment Fund Limited (ASX: AIY) invests in innovative Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are having a...

Authorised Investment Fund To Capture Potentially Broader And More Lucrative Digital Market

Authorised Investment Funds receives the offer to increase its investment in Hong-Kong based digital media investee company Asian Integrated Media Pty Ltd (AIM). On 14...

Another Major Client Opportunity for Adveritas limited with Integration of TrafficGuard and Segment  

On 11 March 2019, Adveritas Limited (ASX: AV1), a digital advertising and marketing company from the media and entertainment industry group has announced that...

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