Top News Of The Day || Will UK PM Boris Johnson donate 1 billion vaccines as urged by G7?

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Top News Of The Day || Will UK PM Boris Johnson donate 1 billion vaccines as urged by G7?

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• Since the outbreak started three weeks ago, today marks the first day Melbourne has recorded zero new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. After 17000 tests have been conducted only one new case was found within the bounds of the hotel quarantine system in the state of Victoria. Federal defence minister Peter Dutton has advised that Australia is interested in having a travel bubble with Singapore commencing as soon as possible and Prime Minister Morrison did have a planned stop off in Singapore on his way to the UK for the G7 summit this weekend.

• The state of Victoria is in focus again for another emergency, it has experienced an unusually strong and damaging weather event which began on Wednesday night. Into Thursday night 160,000 homes were still without power and many are saying that the damage looks to be of catastrophic proportions.

• G7 nations are set to donate 1 billion covid 19 vaccines to poorer countries. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is proposing a plan for the world to get inoculated by the end of 2022 and he is expecting there will be full support for this. Mr. JOhnson has followed the lead of President Joe Biden who offered 500 million Pfizer shots in order to surge against the Covid-19 infection rates that have been rising in some countries. Mr. Johnson is adding to this drive with a generous donation of 100 million doses to the worlds most poor nations.


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