Top News Of The Day || Why Construction Industry Is Impacted By The Shortage Of Building Materials?

Top News Of The Day :

• First up some news surrounding Melbourne’s covid clusters.. recording three new locally acquired cases of Covid-19 Melbourne will remain in circuit breaker lockdown for another week. The extended lockdown conditions will be altered from last weeks shut down, now allowing year 11 and 12 students to return to school, for essential shopping and exercise the 5km radius has been extended to 10kms.

• Queensland construction industry is being impacted by the shortage of building materials nationwide. With Australia’s housing market surging the building boom was expected to be somewhat of a cash bonus for those in the construction industry.

• This rise in prices caused by the demand was not forecast by many and comes as a surprise to the QLD workers who are affected. Materials such as trusses, roofs, frames and concrete have all gone up in price. As well as labor costs, all due to a combination of forces like Covid-19, timber destroyed in fires.

• The Sri Lankan coast line is in danger of an oil spill, after attempts to salvage a sinking chemical cargo ship on the west coast have been too slow to prevent further damage.

• Rescue crew extinguished the flames on Tuesday but with 50 tonnes of gas and 278 tonnes of bunker oil the ship that is currently being towed out to deeper waters by tug boats holds a severe environmental risk of oil spill into the Indian Ocean.





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