Top News Of The Day || How Is USA Curbing China’s Influence On Global Economy?

Top News Of The Day:

• Victoria has only reported one locally acquired Covid-19 case. The strict restrictions are set to ease, as it is clear that the new case has picked up the virus from the known cluster. From Thursday 10 June midnight restrictions will more than likely be eased however, it is expected that a raft of social distancing rules will remain.

• Now some news on global politics coming in from the USA..

• A new legislation known as the US Innovation and Competition Act has been designed to taper China’s influence on a number of it’s positions. The bill was passed through the American senate on Tuesday being a rare event that a bipartisan legislation moves forward. The legislation was won 68-32 and still has to pass through the House before it makes President Joe Biden’s desk. Although the final vote will be delayed till after the Memorial day holiday

• With major discussions soon to be under way in the UK, australia is aimed to win the G7 nations support as tensions rise with China. The rift started to appear in 2018 when Australia banned Huawei from it’s early roll out of 5G. The Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t worked to amend the gulf that’s appearing between the countries relations after Prime Minister Scott Morrison ordered an independent investigations into the emergence of the Covid-19 virus.

• In a major global operation that has been underway for 3 years a significant number of bikie and mafia members have been arrested. Using sophisticated ploys convincing underworld figures to use what they believed to be an encrypted app was fed to them by an Australian drug trafficker Hakan Ayik, when he was unwittingly provided with mobile phone from undercover agents.

• France’s President Emmanual Macron has faced aversion from the crowd on his recnet visit to the south-east of France. The President was in towns around the Drome region to discuss the pathway through the easing of restrictions and recovery phase of the covid-19 pandemic that has caused many hospitality and accomodation businesses to cease operations in the region.





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