Top News Of The Day || How Did Queensland Complete Vaccination Goals?

Top News of the Day:

• Beginning with an update from Melbourne’s coronavirus outbreak..

• In the last 24 hours leading to this morning Monday 7th June, Victoria has reached back into the double digits for new locally acquired covid-19 cases. 11 new cases have been recorded which included the 2 that were reported on Sunday.

• The federal government has announced that 100,000 of the doses of covid-19 vaccines will be sent to Victoria as it battles it’s new outbreak and enters the second week of strict lockdown conditions. From June 14th, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has advised that Victoria will receive 100,000 more doses of Pfizer vaccine for a three week period.

• The G7 summit is only days away and being held in the UK Prime Minister Scott Morrison will begin his journey across with a planned stopover in Perth WA. This G7 summit meeting is of iimportance as it will be the first in person meeting between Mr Morrison and Mr. Joe Biden, since his inauguration of the President of the USA. The talks to be held in Carbis Bay, Cornwall and will be focused around Australia’s deteriorating trade relations with China as well climate change goals.

• In a press conference held by Dr Andrew Robertson, WA Chief Health Officer confirmed that an active case of Covid-19 was released within the Perth community, exposure sites have been listed and tracing of close contacts in underway. The man was staying within the bounds of the quarratine hotel system and after being released still returned a positive test for the deadly virus.

• Now from Australia’s north east state of QLD..

• A vaccination blitz over the weekend has allowed the state to achieve it’s goal reaching 15000 vaccinations delivered. It seems the latest cluster in Melbourne is urging people on to get vaccinated. Although there were long queues people persevered with the wait time exceeding several hours.





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