The Crypto Talks || Is Dollar Cost Averaging your intro to Bitcoin?

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• First and fore most this strategy of Dollar Cost Averaging which involves making regular small deposits into buying assets such as Bitcoin can help to alleviate the issues of availability of Lump sums of free cash, needing to accurately time purchases by estimating the support price ranges in the market, taking a load of stress off of investor shoulders.

• Global crypto holders earning annual percentage yields (APY) on their coin holdings which outshine most banks savings accounts returns. Let’s take a look at two of these methods now.


Smart contracts lock in digital assets allowing users to monetize gains via through third party platforms. This is a highly recognized defi activity and made familiar by large platforms like Maker DAO who specialize in lending protocol. It’s gained popularity as there is limited chance of defaulting on repayments.

Staking :

Users who wish to earn passive income from their digital assets are also aiding the crypto markets with needed liquidity through the capital in their virtual assets earning incentives. You may remember last week when Uniswaps own token UNI surged, due to Uniswaps exchange mechanisms being imported onto CoinMarketCap allowing Ether based tokens to be swapped directly on their site. In a similar method to lending, staking is a process where digital assets are locked into smart contracts.





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