Importance of communication

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Importance of communication

You know you don’t even need to speak words; sometimes, you merely look at the other person, and what you wanted to say is conveyed through your expressions and gestures? Therefore, the medium of communication is not significant; instead, how effective the communication is of utmost importance. 

*Healthy communication is when what you wanted to convey is thoroughly conveyed to the other person without any hiccup. You will know this if they have understood it well and give you a response. Yes, healthy communication ends only when the receiver gives a genuine nod. 

*Communication is an intricate part of our lives. Humans have developed society, and in this society, maintaining interpersonal relationships are vital.

*You must have noticed that when your mind is bugging you, and you find yourself in a conundrum, sharing your thoughts with someone makes you feel a bit relieved.


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