How should you fight COVID 19 with a healthy body and mind ?

A global pandemic in any form is an uninvited guest. And COVID-19 has, by far, overstayed its visit.But since this disease does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, people are coming up with different ways to live with it.

Fortunately, this pandemic took place in an age of technology, so practices like working from home, digital payment services and online shopping are taking care of part of the problem. But what about our wellness? According to a recent National Health Interview Survey in the US, the average share of adults who reported anxiety and/or depressive disorder rose from 11 per cent in the January-June 2019 period to 41 per cent in January 2021.

The pandemic has indeed deepened our worries. With the negative financial consequences it has brought along, adults are reporting more symptoms of mental illnesses in the light of job losses and stressed incomes than they did in pre-pandemic times.

Government brochures have been promoting tips and tricks for wellness in many countries. A few such tips are doing away with sedentary behavior, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, and taking care of your metabolism.

while meeting up with family and friends in person might not be a good idea, keeping in regular touch through messages and video calls is also likely to lift spirits. At the end of the day, wellness revolves around developing positive social habits and handling stress with a more determined approach.





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