Global Market Round Up || US Stocks Advance; FTSE 100 Traded On A Mixed Note

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Global Market Round Up || US Stocks Advance; FTSE 100 Traded On A Mixed Note

Hi, you are watching kalkine tv live from Sydney. This is the global markets roundup. Lets look at the US market updates first.

• The S&P 500 rose 0.47 per cent to 4,239.18. The Dow Jones gained 0.06 per cent to 34,466.24. The NASDAQ Composite was up 0.78 per cent to 14,020.33, and the small-cap Russell 2000 shed 0.68 per cent to 2,311.41.

• The US Consumer Price Index (CPI), a critical gauge of change in the prices of goods and services over time,  jumped 5 per cent in May, the highest increase since August 2008, the Labor Department said Thursday.

• The technology stocks bounced back on Thursday after a lacklustre show over the past few days. The stock of cybersecurity company CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) soared 6.65 per cent, while technology giants Inc. (AMZN) gained 1.60 per cent and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) gained 1.19 per cent.

• Also, the shares of automotive financing company Consumer Automotive Finance, Inc. (NWAU) jumped 37.5 per cent. Electric vehicle maker, Tesla, Inc. (TSLA), gained 1.71 per cent, and fintech company, Square Inc. (SQ), was trading 3.3 per cent higher from the previous close.

• Gold futures were up 0.31 per cent to US$1,901.30 per ounce. Silver increased 0.46 per cent to US$28.130 per ounce, while copper was down 0.90 per cent to US$4.4900.

• Brent oil futures remains same at US$72.30 per barrel and WTI crude was up 0.20 per cent to US$70.10.

• The 30-year Treasury bond yields were down 1.77 per cent to 2.130, while the 10-year bond yields decreased 3.50 per cent to 1.437.

• US Dollar Futures Index slightly decreased 0.09 per cent to US$90.043.


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