Five Ways To Deal With Work Related Stress

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Five Ways To Deal With Work Related Stress

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the way we work, with remote working becoming a new normal for the majority of people living in Australia and the rest of the world. However, the new reality of work from home has added stress to our daily lives, with people juggling between home and work responsibilities while unable to define a clear line between the two. Knowing what stresses you out is a good way to minimise the amount of anxiety.

Towards this end, you can create a journal for a week or two in order to identify the stressors and see how you usually respond to them. For instance, you may feel stressed about your workplace decisions or low salary or just an uncomfortable work environment. Taking notes in the journal will help you better understand your stress patterns while allowing you to implement a targeted approach on your specific stressors.

Regular exercise can be your best weapon against work tension, taking off the stress from your head while allowing you to focus on the task at hand. It is equally important to make healthy food choices instead of attempting to fight stress with alcohol or fast food. You can also embrace stretching or a quick walk outside at a time when anxiety and stress get hard to handle.

As employee health is closely linked to work productivity, businesses have an incentive to create a work environment that encourages employee well-being. Thus, you can start by having an open conversation with your immediate boss. The purpose is not to lay out a list of complaints but to come up with an effective plan that can help you manage the stressors you have identified.


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