Expert Talks With Mr Jonathan Law, Director, CSIRO

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Expert Talks With Mr Jonathan Law, Director, CSIRO

Welcome you all to “Executive corner - Expert talks- with Mr. Jonathan Law, Director, CSIRO. The International Energy Agency has estimated that transitional metals will be increasing in demand significantly over the next 10 years, due to more green consciousness. Australia is a major source of production for many critical, transitional and even scarce metals. In today’s show our special guest will discuss how the CSIRO aims to unlock the full economic potential of Australia’s energy metals.

The critical energy metals is an exciting space to be delving deeper into and with many of our viewers being avid investors in the mining sector, I’m sure they are keen to hear your insights. Kalkine bring to you industry leaders, successful business owners, all under one roof to help you discover the insights of the stock markets.


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