Expert Talks With Mr David Hayes, CEO & Co Founder Jeeves Plus

Welcome you all to “Executive corner - Expert talks- 10 mins Round up with Mr David Hayes. He is the ceo & co-founder of Jeeves Plus.

Jeeves Plus is a customer support platform that lets you manage multiple text-based conversations with customers, translate to and from 109 languages effortlessly, and be your CRM phonebook.

We’re a fast-growing startup founded in Sydney, Australia in 2015 by David Hayes and Graeme Campbell. They identified a need for translation services in the hospitality industry, and this idea quickly grew into an all-encompassing SMS and translation platform for all businesses. About David Hayes: A successful entrepreneur and highly creative executive, David’s long career spanned from traditional media to music, telco to mobile phones and IT technology. Here, David saw opportunity to create Jeeves.Plus.





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