Expert Talks With Dr Rajkumar Buyya - CEO of Manjrasoft PTY Ltd

Welcome you all to “Executive corner - Expert talks- up with Dr Rajkumar Buyya - CEO of Manjrasoft PTY Ltd.

About Manjrasoft Pty Ltd. - Manjrasoft is an innovative provider of choice for application acceleration services and solutions over the Cloud. It was founded in early 2008, as a spin-off company of the University of Melbourne, by veteran IT practitioners who have dedicated their careers to utility, distributed and cloud computing.

About Dr Rajkumar Buyya - Manjrasoft's founder and CEO, Dr Rajkumar Buyya is a globally recognised thought leader in the field of distributed, grid and cloud computing. He has immense industry knowledge and strong personal links to key industry players like Microsoft, CA, Samsung and IBM in the research and product architecture/management domains.





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