Digital Currency Boom : Ticker News, featuring Kunal Sawhney- CEO, Kalkine - Ticker TV

Kalkine's CEO Kunal Sawhney in an exclusive conversation with Adrian Franklin- What is driving investors’ interest towards the cryptocurrency market amidst pandemic driven uncertainty.

The coronavirus era is observing the world going crypto crazy. Bitcoin is staging a robust comeback and companies are hopping on the crypto bandwagon. Bitcoin’s astonishing recovery from the 2018 crash (over 500% up) has left the world in awe.

There has been a significant growth of institutional interest in the digital currency market during the pandemic.

Despite these promising trends, fears mount over the cryptocurrency market becoming a victim of another crash, with Bitcoin surging back to price levels seen before the bubble explosion in 2018.

What are some tips for investors seeking exposure to crypto stocks?

Investors can also look up to hedging techniques to safeguard themselves during a highly uncertain period as there are no circuit limits for cryptocurrencies to restrict an erratic move.





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