Dealing with a short temper? Wellness ways to control it!

However, life could get complicated sometimes, and people lose their temper even over small things. Well, to err is human, isn’t it? But there is a greater reason for this too. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to be positive or not stressed, or angry, we can’t because of physiological reasons. You see when your posture is in a fight or flight position like a boxer’s stance where the head juts forward. But Short temper is our topic for today and it’s the tendency to become angry or irritated easily, like when you are stuck in traffic or when your kitchen is messy. So, if you are dealing with anger issues or someone you know is going through it, this video is just for you! Moving on, physical movements are a silent and most effective trick - Physical exercise is like medicine for all problems. When you are exercising, you get more oxygen pumped into your heart and focus on your body. Focussing on the self and dealing with the self should be prioritised over all other chores.





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