Collection of User Meta-Data by government soars in 2020.

The EU’s commissioner Margrethe Vestager’s instigated this landmark case handing out the tech giant with a multi-million dollar order. The main motivation behind the mandate was to reduce tax avoidance by multinational corporations by eliminating loopholes. Amazon has already threatened to stop delivering liquor products to Ireland due to the risk of being doubly taxed. Although Apple has won the ruling, the EU will not back down. Their rebuttal is on the grounds that the wording in Apple Inc’s statement is not legally correct and is blemished by “contradictory reasoning”.

However, the reporting of Amazon’s Web Services such as the cloud storage is separate and proves the US to the number one country requesting user data making up 75% or the orders. There is a push for tech companies to increase transparency in their reporting on the collection of user data. With the trend for most to enhance their, reporting Amazon has in fact removed data from it’s reports, although they are making their way further into the homes of the public as the Internet of Things sphere explodes with smart homes and A. I devices.





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