Can you count on penny stocks to make money?

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Can you count on penny stocks to make money?

penny stocks investing/trading is – is it really possible to make a considerable sum of money trading them? For those who are looking for a straightforward answer, it’s very much possible. An investor needs to understand that, virtually, any asset that is being freely traded in the market can get you money, be it speculative penny stocks or the highly volatile cryptocurrencies.

On the contrary, these very assets can easily put a major dent in one’s investment account if an investor is not careful. Be it a penny stock or a large-cap stock, any investment can go wrong and here the risk management kicks in, which can save you from blowing your account up.

With that being said, lets have a look at some key considerations that can help you up your game with penny stocks. The volume of trading in any security plays a crucial role in determining the impact cost of a transaction, which further impacts the profitability of the net returns.

Penny stocks are often less interesting space for astute investors who are majorly responsible for liquidity due to their large sums of money. There is no silver bullet to this question and the answer varies from investor to investor. However, if one thinks making money in penny stocks is easier because of high returns, well there are no free lunches in the stock market.


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