Busting Myths of Vegan Diet

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Busting Myths of Vegan Diet

Wellness defines the overall holistic and healthy state of the mind and body. In the present and the ancient world, we have contributed to promoting wellness in the most natural form possible. Self-care and preventive healing are the key components to keep a check on your wellbeing. And guess what an efficient way of practising wellness and a healthy lifestyle is? Many believe that it is Veganism.

A vegan diet could be as affordable as your other diets. It all depends on how you fill your food basket. Having said so, if you are purchasing whole grains, vegetables and fruits, your diet expenditure would be very economical. And vegan food items like dried lentils, canned beans also promote sustainability in the food system for all. It has been often said and heard that soy food causes issues with sexual development and fertility.

However, it is essential to address that these conceptions are merely based on a few animal experiments and have no connection with the human body. On the contrary, soya is very nutritious to the human body and helps the immune system to fight against many diseases. The blanket myth of vegan food not filling up one’s appetite cannot hold true because a plant-based diet is rich in fibre. In fact, if well-planned, a vegan meal can keep the stomach full for a longer duration as opposed to other meals.


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