A crypto game that can net you cash? This is How You Play Axie Infinity

The Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 have forced people to seek entertainment inside the home. As a direct result of this, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have seen a slew of new customers subscribing to their platforms as people try to watch away the lockdown blues.

*These are referred to as “crypto games” – as in cryptocurrency games. And one such crypto game, which has gained particular notoriety over the last twelve months, is called Axie Infinity. It might be easier to think of Axie Infinity in terms of a cryptocurrency because that’s kind of what it is.

*The crypto market saw an onslaught of harsh corrections in the few months after May 2021 with Bitcoin – the world’s largest cryptocurrency – losing around half of its market value. Many other cryptos followed suit. But one crypto which bucked the trend in a spectacular fashion was AXS.





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